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I’ve been obsessing about music and anything visual for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest childhood drawings were of live music performance, band portraits and cover art designs for their albums.

I’ve been playing music for the better part of my life as well and have over the course of time attended over 800 concerts. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been working as a music photographer and a music critic and, as well as Art Director and Creative Director.

On top of that, for more than 8 years I’ve worked in a marketing department of one of the biggest music instrument manufacturers in the world, Roland Corporation, where I was in charge of all company’s visual marketing activities for whole of Scandinavia.

I’ve been an active part of Copenhagen and international musical community for more than I can remember either as an attendee, artist, professional, fan or critic.

All this serves as a cornerstone of understanding of what it takes to capture music on an image. Because capturing music on a still image is far more complex then so. Besides obligatory skill it takes understanding and experience.


Are you kidding me?

Did you not just read the previous section?

Ok ok! Being any kind of photographer takes plenty of skill and technical understanding. But once you get pass that you need something more in order to actually capture the feeling and atmosphere of the subject at be.

All the aspects mentioned in the “Who?”-part are the ones that make the difference between a photographer and the one whose DNA has always been visualizing music. Even before they were completely aware of it.

It’s all about understanding, connection, history and nonetheless the feel of a specific show.
Achieving this is not something that can be learned quickly, but it’s something that comes with time and an unconditional emotional involvement.

So, now that you know who and why, feel free to reach out.

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