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Diversity within the subject

Different shows result in different photos. It can depend on the artist, the venue, the songs played, but even during a same show it’s possible to get some rather diverse images, which all represent the different aspects of the particular live music experience.


15 minutes of fame countdown

As a live music photographer for the most part you get approximately 15 minutes between audience and the band to take some outstanding shots. And while at first look that limited time frame might seem like an obvious obstacle, that actually not really the case. Obstacles are to be found elsewhere.


The devil is in the details

Here is another element that carries a fair dose of importance in capturing the overall experience of any given show. And it's the one that might be hard to spot.


Passion for passion in music

For some 15 years I’ve been freelancing as music photographer and what makes my work stand out is understanding and lifelong emotional connection with the subject – music.


Moment of artistic clarty

But what makes concert photography so difficult is capturing the mood of the performance as well as the massive aspect that is connection that occurs somewhere between the artist and the crowd. It’s that magic that materializes itself hallway between the two.

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